How to harness the power of AI

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In this edition of the HVAC Pulse, we’re delving into an exciting and transformative topic that’s reshaping not just the world around us, but also the very way we approach our work in the HVAC industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The concept of AI often brings to mind futuristic images and high-tech scenarios. However, its practical applications are far more immediate and relevant to our everyday operations. In this newsletter, we’ll explore how AI can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and even predict maintenance needs before they become critical issues.

Did you notice anything different about the opening paragraphs? If something seems off to you, you’re right. The opening for this newsletter was written by AI, more specifically, Chat GPT from Open AI. This is what most people think about when AI comes up in the workplace. A LOT of people are scared and think this is going to take their jobs. I understand that. We are naturally predisposed to fear something they do not understand.

Down below, I’m going to show you that you shouldn’t fear AI, but how you can use it as a tool to enhance your workflows.

If You Watch One Thing

I made a video showing you how you can use AI to make you more productive. I even made a AI bot that can answer questions you have about Title 24 requirements.


The Brains Behind 2024’s Status Stove – An induction stove, that runs on 120V power, has a built in smart battery so it can work during an outage, AND it looks like a set of turntables?!

A custom home in Massachusetts – I link to a lot of Matt Risinger’s channel but for good reason, he has great content. Here he takes a tour of a custom home in Massachusetts. The owner is a hands on architect who stopped construction so he could build out the kitchen himself. How baller is that?! And, it’s green and all electric.

California Regulators Sign Off On Phaseout Of New Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers – We always talk about cars, water heaters, and furnaces when it comes to electrification. We often forget about landscaping equipment. This is another great move.

Why Are So Many Ev Charging Stations Broken in California? – Over on LinkedIn, I linked to a story on how extreme cold affected EV drivers in Chicago. Here in California, EV drivers often encounter busted or broken chargers. Why?

The state chose not to require that charger companies meet performance standards as it doled out $1 billion in subsidies, grants and other assistance to charger companies, with billions more on the way.

California is great most of the time. This is one case where it was not.

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