Century-old inventor of air conditioner is moving on to home heat pump →

More heat pumps in the news, this time on CNBC.

Although heat pumps have become popular for air conditioning in southern states, Maine has the highest rate of adoption, installing 100,000 units in households two years ahead of schedule and aiming to hook up another 175,000 by 2027. That dispels the notion, often promulgated by the oil and gas industry and utilities, that heat pumps don’t work well in below-freezing temperatures, thus requiring a fossil-fuel furnace as backup.

I will keep fighting the “heat pumps don’t work in cold weather” crowd until I die and I will keep posting pieces that back me up.

The interview piece with CEO David Gitlin is also worth watching.

I generally like that Carrier spun off and became their own public company (again) back in 2020. David Gitlin gives me finance-guy-who-doesn’t-know-anything-else vibes. I saw the Viessmann acquisition as a way to make the stock price go up and he pretty much confirms it saying the acquisition “is all about growth”.

I’d like to see Carrier innovate. Their founder is credited for inventing modern air conditioning but they have China making their mini split heat pumps and they acquired Toshiba Carrier for their VRF. I’d like to see the company go back to its roots and innovate and not go down the path of Boeing just to increase its stock price.

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